Pseudonymous Encounters Database
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The National Archives and Records Administration
NAME: Herschel Bonkers

AGE: 500

PROFILE: Crafty old fucker that he is, Dr Bonkers has been known to shapeshift from frog to toad and back to man again (see above). Moreover, his horned rim spectacles allow him to see a person at any stage of their life , from diapers to deathbed and all around the in between. Bonkers visits us in our dreams; he’s the clammy hands that gently tuck in our souls as we drift into the afterlife... But don’t be fooled! This toad is not to be trusted
NAME: Your eldest son

AGE: Your elsest

PROFILE: He is your eldest son. You promised him his birthright, yet his wanderlust trumps your design for him to be your heir. You see him, yet he does not look at you, sit near you. He has forgotten your face after all these years.
NAME: Wojak

AGE: 30

PROFILE: A man who forever feels bad, Wojak is troubled and has been failed by society. He knows little more than feeling poorly. He has never had anyone show him love or affection, save for a few brief moments that turned out to be nothing. Wojak takes a train to go to work a job he hates to support a life he doesn't have.
NAME: Cathy

AGE: 20

PROFILE: She had an interesting pain of headphones with cat ears and blue lights on them. She is a hardcore raver and loves tribal trance music. She takes the bus because she lives far from campus in a quite cottage with her ride or die homies. She is the type of person that does what she wants and doesn’t care about what others think.
NAME: Bob McFarland

AGE: 52

PROFILE: It's a middle aged white guy, white hair, in a bus, sweating with a buttoned shirt wrapped around his big belly, buttons struggling to keep it together. Looks a bit annoyed. Most interesting part is he has a clip on fan clipped onto the vertical bar facing him. Probably has not much to do in his retired life, so Bob decided to visit his niece who lives two hours away. But when he finally got there, with his wrapped gift, the niece showed up really late, with his girlfriend, he thanked the old man for his gift and asked him to leave Bob is extremely pissed off with the gratitude he received and walked off mad, so he grabbed a clip on fan lying on the living room table before he leaves and storms out the main door. On his way back home, I came on the bus.
NAME: RajKumar

AGE: 54

PROFILE: He was our co-traveller on Europe tour. He is very kind-hearted. He helped us a lot monetarily when we lost our passports in a foreign country. We are still in touch with him. He works in a bank and must be leading a hectic life. I took the picture to keep his memories fresh. That time we were travelling in a bus.
NAME: Kandasamy M

AGE: 52

PROFILE: He is former. Lonely he is doing all work in his farm and he maintaining every thing well and good. I know him from my childhood and he inspired me lot. He wont get or ask any help from anyone.
NAME: Stan

AGE: 67

PROFILE: I took this photo right before I went up to Stan. He and I met a couple weeks prior, at Petco. I was buying some dried mice for my snake, and he was buying kitty litter for his 12 cats. We casually talked, he told me things about himself, and I haven't felt a spark like that in awhile. After a spill on Aisle 3, the commotion was too big (a lot of spiders got loose) that I left without getting his contact information. I wondered what I could do to find the love of my life. I was doing my usual late-night computer routine, when I decided to post on missed connection to truly get a second chance. I posted that we should meet at the top of the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel, and there I will be waiting with my snake, and that he should bring his pets too. Life has a sense of humor, because this is Stan on the bus on his way to meet me- we both like staring out of windows- I luckily turned and saw him and was debating whether or not I should ruin the surprise. Unseen in the photo here are his cats packed in adidas duffle bags. Well, I decided not to say anything and rode on in what would be my last ride in solitude. Stan ended up bringing more treats for my snake, in addition for biscuits for his cats. Let's just say my animals were not the only ones that got lucky that night!
NAME: Mike "Mannoli" Hawk

AGE: getting younger every year

PROFILE: Hawk misses his younger days when he used to drive the Schoolbus in the Sky, a big dream catcher that picks only 8 passengers a night to drive them into their favorite dream and relive it as a real life experience that night. he was ousted from his much sought-after driver position when it was found out that he was driving himself into other people's dreams and interfering with the natural order of the dream world. Mike Hawk has been regretting his acquiescence to the seductive power of Dreamland and his own corruption for the last decade, and driving a normal bus now is as close as he can get to his glory days. he can only continue to hope that his own dreams will one day lead him back to his lost paradise.
NAME: Rich Sawyer

AGE: 36

PROFILE: Rich Sawyer is a logistics manager for a nuclear power conglomerate. He is on his way to the warehouse and is going to a softball game after work.
NAME: Drexel Shaw

AGE: Unknown

PROFILE: In 1999 Drexel Shaw stumbled upon insider information on, then Presidential candidate, Al Gore setting into action a series of events which has propelled her through the dark underworld of the entertainment industry, politics and several factions of the new world order. She is a master of surveillance, disinformation and the only weapon more powerful to her than the sinister secrets she keeps inside her cell phone is her nimble use of a cold steel blade.
NAME: Divad Enryb

AGE: 35

PROFILE: She only wears clothes that she considers fuzzy and freaky. She only speaks with her stomach noises (hunger gurgles) She rides the bus daily with no food. By 11:00pm, her stomach sounds have multiplied and are very loud. By 12:00 midnight , the gurgles resemble a beautiful symphony.
NAME: Michael Shimmbleton

AGE: 47

PROFILE: A former wrestling Champ, Michael Shimmbleton is now a balding man on the bus. He spends his afternoons tending to his herb garden and sacrificing lizards to the Sun God who watches over us all.
NAME: Alfred

AGE: 34

PROFILE: He's a bartender at a local pub. When he was 16, he wanted to be an actor, so he dropped out of high school and started taking private acting lessons with a family friend. By the time he was 26, his acting career had gone straight down the drain with his only career highlight being a role as a side-character in a Drano commercial. Ever since, he's worked at the same pub serving drinks to bikers who come by. He's never been able to hold a girlfriend for more than 6 weeks and one such relationship just ended last night. He is currently texting her trying to win her back.
NAME: Lil' Friar

AGE: 31

PROFILE: Lil' Friar is the nickname his mother gave to him as a small child when he would often run away from home and go around begging for spare change in exchange for hearing out people's woes. After he dropped out of his Christian university (he was studying in hopes of reviving the friar profession), he pursued his short-lived rapping career in which he kept the nickname Lil' Friar in honor of his mother. His real name is Hubert.
NAME: Johnny Not Doingsogood

AGE: 20

PROFILE: This man clearly has a struggle ahead of him. 5 pm on a Tuesday, two bottles of water down, and he still doesnt have his part of the chemistry group project finished. Hes working in the architecture librbary because there isnt anywhere else to go. After all, the college of chemistry's library is already full. The various notes and papers scattered signify how he doesnt know where to begin to look for answers that his partners refuse to answer. They way he holds his hand on his head signifies his partners havent even written their names down on the shared google doc. He chooses to look at his phone rather than his laptop because it reminds him of the mountain he must climb alone over the next week. Simply tragic considering all the people that surround him who may be encountering struggles of their own. He wants to cry for help but no one will help. Especially not me, I have 5 papers to write. I wish you nothing but the best Johnny!
NAME: Jeremy Jarvis

AGE: 44

PROFILE: An avid sports fan, he is a "dad's" dad. His closet is lined with over 20 pairs of trousers, 17 sweatshirts and 49 hats from his alma mater, UCLA. Now, he lives in a one bedroom apartment overlooking the 405 freeway with his pet praying mantis and every so often takes the old bruin bus to remember the life he once lived.. never more.
NAME: Gorbo

AGE: 0.68 gromcycles

PROFILE: Gorbo stumbled upon this dimension seemingly by accident, when a simple trip to the grimbus center turned into a interdimensional grumbo chase. It wasn't until Shle looked at shler grumpis that shle realized where she was. Shle now takes bus after bus trying to find the one shle came here on.
NAME: "Pepper" Jack

AGE: 46

PROFILE: Jack was once world renowned for his trades on Wall Street until a horrible glue accident left his hand stuck to his head. Without his signature phone dialing right glove, his trades came to a sweeping halt. He is currently seeking specialists that will remove the portion of his scalp which holds his precious mitten. 
NAME: Herman Werman

AGE: 60

PROFILE: Oh Herman Werman? What a fellow. His lips are pink but his hands are yellow. And is he German you ask? No, he is not.
NAME: Boris D. Anthony

AGE: 32

PROFILE: As a boy, Boris would get hands so cold that he had to wear mittens all year long. His condition worsened as he aged and by high school he was wearing three pairs of gloves, one on top of each other in the middle of July. Having not shown a soul his hands since he was 9, his crippling insecurity over his hands mounted when asked to give his soon to be father in law a shake at Thanksgiving dinner. He finally cracked and upon unveiling his hands, the mouth of every man woman in child at that fateful Thanksgiving dinner dropped to the ground. His hands were as smooth as butter and as lustrous as new car. His life changed forever after that. He left his fiancé the next morning and used his savings for a private jet to Hollywood. Now, as a hand model in the big city he has it all– women, money, power, and to top it all off, a metro bus platinum card given to him from the mayor himself.
NAME: Leroy Belkin

AGE: 55

PROFILE: Leroy Belkin takes the bus home from his work everyday. He sits and thinks. His ride is short but it feels very long. Aimless and confused, Belkin is lost but on the bus he is found.
NAME: The Blister Sisters

AGE: 51 & 52

PROFILE: Conjoined at birth, these twisted sisters have an insatiable lust for blemishes, bulges and every sort of epidermal imperfection. Together they own and operate a small dermatology practice just west of Sepulveda Blvd. and have been collecting a variety of skin tissues for the last 32 years. 
NAME: Jessica Turpintine

AGE: wouldn't you like to know

PROFILE: Jessica Turpintine is an expert in covert operations, using wigs, make-up and even plastic surgery to stay one step ahead of her target. Her pseudonym denotes her synthesize into any organic form and there are no known photos to date of what her true face looks like.
NAME: Molly Milshire IV

AGE: 38

PROFILE: The fourth of her name, Molly was the heir to the Milshire fortune... that is, until her brother Martin Milshire convinced her mother to write her out of her will. Molly despised her brother for doing such a sinister deed but went on to meet a nice man and they had 4 nice children although that wasn't enough for her... and so she became A REAL ESTATE AGENT!!
NAME: Hauntonio Ramirez

AGE: 321 years since deceased

PROFILE: Hauntonio has been known to appear in and out of the 734 bus down sunset blvd ever since the late 1970s.
NAME: Chester Mcdonald

AGE: 42

PROFILE: Chester started wearing a fedora over 12 years ago and has never left the house without it. His lucky hat has been known to have unique properties found in space dust.
NAME: George Bowman

AGE: 47

PROFILE: Bowman is a financial consultant for one of the largest firms in the western hemisphere. He rides the bus as part of his strictly frugal daily routine, getting on at the same stop and exiting at the same stop that his father and his father's father had before him.
NAME: Harold

AGE: 35

PROFILE: Harold moved here from the UK in 2012 and works for Northface as a tax attorney. He is on his way home and is texting his wife about dinner.
NAME: "Slim Tim"

AGE: Unknown

PROFILE: How it is that "Slim Tim" got his name is something of a mystery. Some say he flattened out his body and slipped right out of a burning building. Others say that his excessive habit of eating slim jims left his blood the same consistency. But everyone knows: do not cross "Slim Tim".
NAME: Franken Lurker

AGE: 23

PROFILE: Lurker is somewhat of a dream chaser and falls asleep on average 5 times a day seeking the dream he had long lost one night on the bus.
NAME: Reflecto

AGE: 987

PROFILE: It is Reflecto's life's work to stand guard on the bus and reflect the light of oncoming traffic, protecting the citizens of West Los Angeles without a please or thank you.
NAME: Horace Bastian

AGE: 74

PROFILE: A former detective in Chicago, Bastian has a knack for solving mysteries and and is always on the lookout for new clues.
NAME: Ruth Lucy

AGE: 36

PROFILE: Born with two first names, Ruth Lucy was a poison specialist and worked for international government agencies and independent contractors for three decades before retiring to Los Angeles. Some say she keeps one vile of snake venom in her hair bun.. just in case.
NAME: Lee Lin

AGE: 19

PROFILE: Lin habitually talks on his phone. He refuses to text his friend and insists they always call him. This lifestyle has led him to a method of holding one's phone that maximizes volume without compromising the function of the microphone.
NAME: Lisa

AGE: 25

PROFILE: At a field trip to the mood ring factory in Detroit, Lisa's head was fulling submerged in the mood ring secret formula, making her hair into a real life mood ring. Lisa's blue hair denotes her somber disposition. It has been years since her hair was red or orange or green or even pink. She rides the blue bus and hopes for a change in her color.
NAME: Bengi Barton

AGE: 29

PROFILE: Bengi Barton is on the run from San Antonio, Texas. The escalating tension from his series of cattle heists forced him west to California. He wears headphones but doesn't like music. He only listens to the ambients sounds of the farm.
NAME: Luther Salamander

AGE: 32

PROFILE: Salamander was initiated into the sinaloa cartel and began exporting and importing massive amounts of counterfeit nickels at age 15. For ten years, in and out the nickels would go. His wealth grew and by 29 he had entire houses full of nickels. But, even with all the nickels in the world, he felt empty and used all his nickels to take down the illegal operation and fled to Los Angeles in hopes of a better life.
NAME: Matilda Murphy

AGE: 21

PROFILE: Matilda got into UCLA on a full ride scholarship. Her goal is to go to medical school and find a cure for the common cold. Unfortunately, she has a cold right now and she laments it.