Since opening in 1985, historically, Barbara Davis has introduced to local, national and international audiences new ideas and a fresh vision. Major shows have included emerging artists and internationally acclaimed artists, creating a context for a broad understanding and dialogs in contemporary visual art. Barbara Davis Gallery was the first gallery to bring to Houston such artists as Merry Alpern, Tina Barney, Joseph Beuys, Ross Bleckner,Jonathan Borofsky, Gunther Forg, Adam Fuss, Rebecca Horn, Donald Lipski, Sally Mann, Julie Mehretu,Ed Moses, Yehudit Sasportas, Shahzia Sikander, Kiki Smith, Haim Steinbach, Uri Tzaig, Juan Usle.

Gallery Artists:

Jesse Amado, Santiago Cucullu, Paul Fleming, Robert Kelly, Paul Kittelson, Sharon Kopriva, Donald Lipski, Mary McDonnell, Joe Mancuso, Brian Portman, James Surls, Jeremy Kidd, Zoya Tommy.

The gallery is committed to showcasing a range of artistic ideas, processes and sensibilities. The artists represented by the gallery respond to currents in contemporary art and culture.