you are single, you are a sophomore, you are latina, you aren't from los angeles but you like it, you don't come here often

nerdy, foreign student, probably still a teen, youre short, you like starbucks

youre single, grad studies isnt taking that much time from you, youre socially awkward, youre insecure, youre very bored

19-23, u r broke, u believe in God, u like chocolate, college student lmao

you go to college, youre under 30, youre a guy, a virgin, youre just on here for the shits and giggles

ur about 5'3", u live in US, maybe ur somewhere south where its not very cold yet, unlikely to be single, ur asian - some kinda mixed race

you're smart, very creative, you think before you talk, you laugh a lot, you know what you want and how to get it

ur from us, u are not a virgin, u are not an only child, u are not religious but ur family is, u like older dudes

you are a girl, maybe from the philippines, you like me, a sweet person with maybe a crazy side not many people know of, maybe you like to dance

ur smart, kind, great cook, read a book a week, have 2 cats