you are asian, you are female, you like art, you probably do well in school, you live in china

ur asian, ur over 18, ur a virgin, ur generally pretty fun to be around, you live in canada

you're friendly, interesting, have a good fashion sense, funny, kind

girl, 17-21, hates cold weather, likes fashion, live in the us

your fun, sporty, good singer, like to party, would date me

you like music, your short, from south korea, like anime, 19 years old

asian, lives in america, lover not a hater, from japan, mixed gender

you like math, 25, live with your mom, phd student prob, youre single

your dad is a Doctor, your smart, you live in thailand, your 5 foot 4, your still a virgin

you are nice, you can cook, you are 26, you have a dog, you like sports