Hi, welcome to my new website. The purpose of this site is to display some of the selected works I have created over the past few years. Most of them have been created during my time here at UCLA as a Design | Media Arts major. I am currently a third year, planning on graduating with a Bachelor of Arts after the winter quarter 2010 next year. Please take time to browse around and take a look at my portfolio! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, criticism, or concerns, feel free to contact me.




My name is Alyssa Wang I am currently a third year Design | Media Arts major at UCLA. I grew up in the suburbs of San Jose, which is where I lived most of my life. I would say my passion in design started when I was little. As a kid, I loved crafting and creating origami. I took an introductory photography course my senior year in high school which motivated me to pursue a degree in design, rather than what my parents wanted me to do.


As a designer, I currently work in the Daily Bruin ad production department, where I collaborate closely with the marketing department to design and create ads for clients who wish to advertise in our paper. The Daily Bruin is the campus newspaper at UCLA, run mostly by students. I also do small design jobs, such as designing t-shirts and flyers for various clubs and organizations.


I have many other hobbies other than origami and photography. I love playing sports, such as soccer and badminton, and am currently part of the UCLA badminton team. Unlike a lot of other girls, I also enjoy playing computer games during my spare time. A few of my favorites include Team Fortress 2, Starcraft, and Counter-Strike.

This is what I look like.