Unity VR Mirror Reflections

Mirror effects in VR require a stereo effect since there are 2 cameras, one for each eye.

Import Mirror App
Choose the Asset Store tab next to the Scene window
Magic Mirror Pro in the search bar  $20
The free Lite edition will work, unfortunately you will have double reflections in your mirror, one from each eye with a VR headset.


This works best with up to 2 mirrors, if you use more, try turning down the Recursion Limit.

Select your object.

Make sure the object has no child objects.

Apply Script
Drag and drop MagicMirror->Prefab->MagicMirrorScript.cs C# on to your object in the Inspector.
Select Reflect Skybox if you are using a skyBox.
Set Reflection Camera Rendering Path to Forward or Player Settings      (default Use Player Settings)
Set Recursion Limit
to 1     (default 0)
Set Recursion Render Texture Size Reducer
to .9    (default .75)

Try: put back if the project is too slow.
Render Texture Size 2048
Anti Aliasing Samples 8x

Apply Material
Drag and drop MagicMirror->Prefab->Material->MagicMirrorMaterial onto your object.

If your mirror is not working, try the prefab.



If you see red and you are using a solid color background on your camera:
Select the Camera
Select the Background color
     Switch to RGB 0-1.0 mode
     Write down your color
Double click to edit the MagicMirrorScript.cs script
Comment out this line:
//reflectCamera.backgroundColor =;

Add these 2 lines below: Use the color you wrote down. Leave 1f.
Color myColor = new Color(.4f,.5f,.2f,1f);
reflectCamera.backgroundColor = myColor;

Save the script



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