Adobe Media Encoder

Select Format H.264   .mp4   This format works in Unity as a video texture.

Click the link for Preset

Turn off
Export Audio unless you have audio
         Video tab
               Frame Rate:  30
               Field Order:  Progressive
               Aspect:  Square Pixels (1.0)
              Select Render at Maximum Depth

               Profile: Main
               Level: 4.1
               Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 Pass
                    (VBR = variable bitrate)  (CBR = Constant Bitrate)

               Target Bitrate [Mbps]  10
               Maximum Bitrate [Mbps]  12
               Under Advanced Settings check Key Frame Distance  30
                    (should equal your frame rate)
               Select Use Maximum Render Quality
          Audio tab
               Audio Codec: AAC
               Frequency: 48 kHz
               Audio Quality:  High
               Bitrate [kbps]:  320+

         Muliplexer tab
                Muliplexer:  MP4
                Steam Compatibility: Standard
         Click OK

Select a location for your Output File
Hit the green arrow to Encode

Bit Rates
SD 4:3  640x480 for web:  level 3.1+, 5-10
SD 16:9 640x360 for web:  level 3.1+, 5-10
720 HD 1280x720:  level 3.1+, 5-10
1080 HD 1920x1080 2K video:  level 4.2+, 16-20
4K 3840x2160:  level 5.1, 27-40

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