Course Software and Optional Purchases

You will need a 3-button mouse to use Maya. This is not optional.

Please bring an HDMI to mini displayport or thunderbolt cable to connect your PC or Mac laptop to a classroom monitor, it will be larger and easier to work (You should do this at home too.) Look at your laptop to verify the connection.

4K Monitor for home
27 inch, 3840x2160, $200, you can connect your laptop if it will support the resolution. (My little 2014 1366x768 Macbook Air goes up to 2k 1920x1080 with a monitor attached. My 2016 3000x2000 Surface Laptop will change to 4k 3840x2160 by going into the Display settings.)

External Hard drive

You will keep all your assignments on an external hard drive. 500GB or more. This way you can easily use any computer in the lab or your laptop. I recommend the very small Samsung T7 Portable SSD - 1TB - USB 3.2 External SSD $109, SSD is about 25% faster than HDD.

First backup any files and format the drive as exFAT; this way the drive will work on either PC or Mac, and with large files over 4GB. You may need to format this on a Mac.

Install all this free software on your Mac or PC for the course, this will take all day:

Maya 2023 and an update

On a PC use Firefox, it will be easier.
Go to:
Select Sign in, then CREATE ACCOUNT >
Make sure to use your student email
     Your account will need to be verified.

Go to Select Sign in
Go into the User menu  under the icon, upper right.  update_maya

Select Products and Services
     Select Maya
          Select 2023, your platform, your language
     Choose Install, it will download 2 files
Go to your Downloads
folder, double click the installer

Go to Select Sign in
Go into the User menu  under the icon  update_maya

Select Product updates
     Download the most recent updates for your computer platform, save the files.
Go to your Downloads folder, double click the installers

Download and install the Unity Hub
Create an account
     Click on the male icon
Create a Unity ID
Check terms of service, click on Download Unity Hub.  Go to your downloads folder

Run UnityHubSetup.exe
to install software
     Answer yes to firewall questions.
Accept license agreement and click Next

Select Download files to temporary location, Click Next
This will bring you to the Preferences->License page
     Click Manage License

          Select Unity Personal

               Select I don't use Unity in a professional capacity.
     Click the left arrow Preferences to get back to the main section

Install a Unity version
Start the Unity Hub
Go to Installs
Click Install Editor
Select 2021.3.10f1 LTS  (Select the latest LTS version)
     Click Install

     Select WebGL Build Support
     (PC: Microsoft Visual Studio Community and Documentation are already selected.)

OBS Studio
Screen Grab software for documenting VR projects
Choose your OS 


Video Players

Quicktime 7 for mac and 7.7.9 for PC (Your mac came with a different version of quicktime, not as functional.)

MPC-HC  only PC, video player that plays 4K and h.265 codecs.
     Choose Download Mega
     Choose Server 1

You may want to use VLC as well.

FTP Software


Mac: Filezilla
Be careful to not install the optional software!

File protocol: SFTP
Host Name:
Port: 22
User ID: Your login
     or  /home/users/yourlogin/myClasses/Fall22-156/drop

FYI The temp drive is located:   /mnt/tempdrive/personal_space

Mac Stuffit Expander
Mac users will need this.

Adobe Substance 3D Painter
Install this through Adobe Creative Cloud, make sure you login as
in order to acquire your free Adobe software through UCLA.

Please install After Effects and Photoshop too.


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