George Michael Brower


No More Lies
Out With My Girlfriends

… are episodes II and III respectively in a chiptune operatic that chronicles one woman's markedly sassy triumph over an abusive lover. The composer seeks to exorcise musical specters that have haunted him since the womb. "Slaps you on your face then tugs at your jeans," hails critic Marlon Hernandez. No More Lies and Out With My Girlfriends were composed in Pixel's Piston Collage, using voices from legacy gaming consoles and samples produced by Jonathan Baken.

Untitled Voice Project

… spits on the boundaries of its composer's vocal ability.

Coursework, DESMA 162A.



Produced in collaboration with Alexander Foster-Brady, Hey seeks to rectify Steven Spielberg's slanderous depiction of dinosaurs in Jurassic Parks I, II and III.


Coursework, DESMA 24.

Not sure if this belongs in the gallery, thought I'd show it to you anyhow.


Anamorphic Type Engine

Extrudes two-dimensional objects in 3D space, plays with illusions of flatness.

Particle Type Engine

Semi-autonomous particles illuminate typographic form. Behavior and appearance are functions of a particle's proximity to a "black" pixel.

Coursework, DESMA 199

Will have some video output from these ready in the weeks to come.


Contradictions: "Date of Birth"
Process Book

The D.O.B. project challenges the notion of designer as passive manipulator of content. Students were required to create a series of three posters that illuminate the events that took place on the day of their birth. Each poster deals with a different "scope" of events: local, national, and global. In their research, students were to identify elements of thematic consistency, and choose a motif that informed their design process.

Coursework, DESMA 154A.

Over break I was hoping to revisit this … print my posters and bind my book.