Daisy Chain


(Print, Handbound)

Daisy Chain was a project for Visual Communication. After much research, exploration, development, and refining of my topic,
it culminated in a final publication of my work. This book includes various photography, songs, poems, and sayings which are all related to daisies.
I wanted to create a design that represents the idea of daisies; both elegant yet innocent.
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UCLA Sports

Banner Ad


Den Sports Pass is a banner printed for an advertisement on the busses in the UCLA area. This banner's goal is to promote the Den Sports Pass for the basketball and football season. I was told what elements to include in this banner where I then chose the photos, retouched them, and editted them together to create an ad that would make fans want to be "part of the action".
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Heritage Night

Program & Flyer


Heritage Night program and flyer designed for UCLA's Chinese Student Association was based off the classic tale, "A Chinese Ghost Story". I compiled a picture with mountains, trees, and a shrine to create the scene I wanted to portray and treated the flyer with a scroll-like border to create that "ghostly feel".
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Jey Productions

Flash Animation

(Adobe Flash)

Jey|Productions is a project for my Motion class. I decided to make a flash animation to promote the jey|production name, my handle back when I made flash animations. This animation features a walking girl going on a journey and the beautiful things that happen as she goes. I really enjoyed working on this project, I think one of the best parts is timing my images with the music to create something simple and playful but definitely defining an identity.
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