The act of resting or the state of being at rest.
Freedom from worry; peace of mind.
Calmness; tranquillity.

v. re·posed, re·pos·ing, re·pos·es
v. tr.
To lay (oneself) down.
To rest or relax (oneself).

"I've always tried to express a state of human emotion with images. Digital image creation allows me to capture feeling and senses like fireflies in a bottle. To preserve them and eternalize them is such a responsibility for an artist. This is my contribution.

The very breath and essence within every moment of being alive is like a continuous stream. Everyday we move through life at an incredible speed to achieve our material goals, in order to fullfill our experiences. We're so immersed with our lives... so concerned about what we don't have that we miss many important things if we don't stop and reflect within ourselves. That's what make our moment of reposition the greatest, when we're at peace with our own minds and are able to review our lives with a very clear thought. The woman in my digital illustration embodies this captured moment of time where she is temporarily free from all the worries in the world; her moment of glory."


This image was submitted to the Adobe 2003 contest for Illustration and the Polykarbon 2002 Christmas contest.


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