(9/19/05) - Added "Reverse Order". This one is especially inspired by Ratatat. I worked on this one over a period of three days actually... not my usual sketch session.

(9/16/05) - Today I have a very special Sketch Session for you: Matt Mang and Flux collaboration! The Elusive Eye is a redux of Tellahvolta with lyrics by Matt and myself. Enjoy!

(9/15/05) - Added "Finding My Place", sketch session number 44. This one was pretty advanced for me...

(08/17/05) - Added "Designer Acid" and "Growing Up (with you)", two very different songs. With the former I was really trying to get an Amon Tobin sound. The second was me messing around again with the piano.


These songs are composed in FL Studios 4 by Flux
Listed in reverse chronological order...

Reverse Order
This is how you and I do things.

The Elusive Eye
Medic + Flux combination attack.
Finding My Place
It shouldn't be this hard to find...
Designer Acid
Comes in a variety of flavors.
Growing Up (with you)
was amazing.
The pace things are going.
Perso Adagio
More melodic sketches...

Melodic sketch.
Evil pretty music.
Aggressively beautiful.
Mesmerized (sweet rest mix)
Guest remix by Dhaos.
Diving with a Ghost (remix)
Guest remix by DJ CrimsonDay. Drum 'n Bass.
Fuoco Ballante
More faux strings music.

It's about Pandora
She is a bitch. But I think of her sometimes.
Beats for Kupo
Hopefully something cool will come of this.
Scherzo di Aria
Faux strings concerto.
Being in love with everything.

This song lacks description.

Alien terraformation.
She never called me back.

State of Flux
What's going on in my head?

My Gemini
She's far far away.

It's cold in Europa
It really is.

My childhood on Mars
Fun playful melody.
Ambient Chainsaw
Not ambient at all.
The Mandelbrot Ascension
Mandelbrot is a fractal.
Scattering and Harmonics
Strictly for the nerds.
A Fight with Prometheus
He uses cheap tactics.
The Hooded
Who are they?

An Elegy for Aalita
This one is for my lost gemini twin.

Diving with a Ghost
Excuse the robot voices.

Epitaph for Memories

The City of Invisible People
Do they wear clothes?

Beyond Kuiper
Not even a light-year away...

My first experiment with FL Studios...

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