156 3D Modeling and Motion
This syllabus is subject to change based on the class needs.
Maya, Unity, SteamVR, Deadline, After Effects, Media Encoder, Substance Painter and Photoshop
Fall 2022,  M W 2:00 - 4:50 pm  Room 4230 In-person

Professor: Jennifer Steinkamp
office hours: 12:00-1:00 Wednesdays, zoom link
TA: Vincent Roca
office hours: 12:00-2:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays room 4230 or zoom link


Recorded Lectures

Description:  This course is an introduction to theories of 3D form, spatial design, motion and lighting using 3D visualization and video tools.  For example, tools originally designed for motion will be used to construct form.  Aspects of time such as speed and duration will be used to contemplate form and interaction. The first half of the course involves weekly assignments focused towards an understanding of virtual in relation to real form. The second half is devoted to an individual project.

Grading: Grading is determined by the completion and quality of all assignments. Attendance and participation are mandatory, these effect the grade. No more than 3 absences allowed. Assignments should only be made for this class.

Technical Exercises
Exercise A)
Create a simple scene in Unity using primitives, make objects throwable, publish a webGL to the class website, due Monday week 2.

Exercise B) Use your work in progress from assignment 1 to create a simple scene in Unity using Maya shapes with some animation, try this in VR.  Due Wednesday week 3.

Creative Assignments
VR Assignment 1)
Model a room from any time or place, real or imagined. Keep in mind this room will be experienced in VR and will contain interactive elements.  Choose a place full of narrative ideas and intrigue. It helps to have good reference images. The VR is due Monday week 6. In addition, render one 3000 pixel image and document the interaction of the VR with OBS. The renderings and video are due week 11.

Assignment 2)
Model a ring to be 3D printed at Bring in a sketch idea week 2. A minigrant is paying for the print. Due Wednesday week 4.

Assignment 3) Anything you prefer utilizing what we have learned. Your project could be a 3D printed sculpture, a poster, a painting, a 3D typeface, a book, an animation, a VR or AR project, an interactive project, a video with effects, etc. Present a proposal week 6. Documentation of the project will be in the form of renders, websites, OBS captures, or photographs are due week 11.

Grad students create their own assignments, but I recommend creating a variation on assignment 1 in order to become familiar with Maya and Unity.

Install this software on your Mac or PC before class meets.

Render Server
The Thinkbox Deadline render server has been setup for DMA classes. This will be helpful for animation projects. Israel Gutierrez is the render wrangler in order to help keep the renders flowing.    Deadline notes

Week 1
Monday 9/26      Table Tutorial  A:Unity VR Primitives    
Look at these notes on your own: Maya Shortcuts
Start Exercise A: Create a simple scene in Unity using primitives, make throwable objects, publish a webGL to the class website,  due Monday week 2.

Wednesday 9/28        Polygon Table Chair    Unity Publish WebGL    NURBS Modeling    Polygon Modeling
Approve image choice and start Assignment 1

Week 2
Monday 10/3     B:Unity VR Maya Animation    
Try these tutorials on your own, optional:   Trim Tools pencil    Polygon Modeling Mug
Exercise A due
Start Exercise B:  Use your work in progress from assignment 1 to create a simple scene in Unity using Maya shapes with some animation, try it in VR.   Due Wednesday week 3.

Wednesday 10/5   Sculpting   Import models     Unity Maya Interactive Animation  
Try these tutorials on your own, optional:     Advanced NURBS Modeling
Sketches for ring assignment 2 due.

Week 3
Monday 10/10    UV map polygons     Texture Mapping   Unity Lighting and Texture    Unity Particles
Try these tutorials on your own, optional: UV Map Polygons last two exercises

Wednesday  10/12   3D Print a ring
Critique Exercise B webGL,   critique comments
Start Modeling Ring

Week 4
Monday 10/17    Velocity Bouncing Ball   Unity interact with animation   Unity interact with a door   sound
Try this tutorial on your own, optional: Hierarchical Animation   

Start thinking about Assignment 3

Wednesday 10/19   
Assignment 2 is DUE, last chance to turn in the ring model to the DROP folder to be 3D printed

Week 5
Monday 10/24 Deformers     nCloth Dynamic Simulations    Path Animation     Unity Basic Animation
Try these tutorials on your own, optional: Unity VR  Maya Legacy Dynamics Unity VR  Maya Ncloth animation 

Wednesday 10/26     Maya Inverse Kinematics    Unity Inverse Kinematics

Start assignment 3, proposals due Wednesday

Week 6
Monday 10/31    Arnold Rendering     Texture Mapping    
Critique assignment 1  critique comments 

Wednesday 11/2    Export Unity Models to FBX for Maya    Lighting      Raytracing Glass
Try these tutorials on your own, optional:  Paint Effects for plants etc    Backgrounds   Depth of Field
Discuss proposals for assignment 3

Week 7
Monday 11/7   Substance Painter                 
Try this tutorial on your own, optional: Particles and Dynamics

Wednesday 11/9    MASH   Fluids   Camera Animation   Motion Blur    Deadline Render Server

Week 8
Monday 11/14      

Wednesday 11/16     Publish VR, set Up Vive Head Set     OBS screen capture VR documentation   
Try these tutorials on your own, optional:  AfterEffects really basic      AfterEffects Advanced    Adobe Media Encoder mp4 encoding

Week 9
Monday 11/21   Critique assignment 3 in progress  critique comments     
Premiere Editing     Unity Video Texture Maps 

Wednesday 11/23     Publish VR, set Up Vive Head Set     OBS screen capture VR documentation

Week 10
Monday 11/28  

Wednesday 11/30  

Week 11
Monday 12/5    No Class

Wednesday 12/7    FINAL PRESENTATION assignments 1 & 3 will be presented at 2PM
critique comments

All assignments will be turned in on the DMA server, web publish and drop folders.

Any animations or movies 1080HD

Final renderings 3000 pixels or more, tiff or png format

Screen Capture any interactive projects with OBS Studio.
Edit footage with Premiere or After Effects

Assignment Drop Folders
use Filezilla,
PC use WinSCP
     Host:  (port 22)
     User ID: Your login
     or  /home/users/yourlogin/myClasses/F22-156/drop

By default WinSCP starts at your DMA home directory  /home/users/yourname
Select the folder link to MyClasses
Select the link to F22-156  AKA /data/classes/F22/156
Select drop
Select the correct folder for the assignment
Make sure your name is part of the file name.



Web Folder for Publishing to class website
You can test publish your site through the class folders.
Mac use Filezilla
, PC use WinSCP to transfer
     Host name: 
     Port number: 22

     User name: Your UCLA login

By default WinSCP starts at your home directory  /home/users/yourname
Select the link to myClasses
Select the link to    F22-156    AKA   /data/classes/Fall22/156
Select web                           AKA   /data/classes/web/Fall22/156
Select projects
Select the correct assignment folder such as ExerciseA

Upload the entire
yourname_project + _player you created for the publish, this includes an index.html and Build folder.

Use this link to find your project on the web:   assignment/yourfolder   

OR Login to the DMA Cloud
Go to the website and login with your DMA username and password.
This procedure will create an extra zipped folder...


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